Are you looking for uninterrupted mobility and community engagement?

At Priority Group Services, we prioritize seamless access to crucial services and community connections for DDD enrolled individuals. As part of our comprehensive care, we provide specialized transportation solutions exclusively for our homecare agency beneficiaries. Covering a broad range, our transportation services enable easy access to essential appointments and community resources across New Jersey, spanning up to 150 miles in any direction.

Why choose Priority Group Services for your transportation needs?

Prioritizing Your Comfort and Independence:

We prioritize your comfort and independence by providing transportation on a single passenger basis. Our vehicles boast top-of-the-line wheelchair accessibility, ensuring a supportive and hassle-free travel experience tailored to meet your transportation needs. Be it medical appointments, social outings, or accessing necessary services, our transportation services are meticulously designed to cater to your specific requirements.

Empowering You Through Unrestricted Mobility:

At Priority Group Services, we are dedicated to empowering individuals by eliminating transportation barriers. Our mission is to grant you the freedom to actively engage in the opportunities that hold the utmost importance to you. We're here to facilitate your access to essential services and community engagements, ensuring you lead a fulfilling and engaged life.

Empowerment Through Access:

At Priority Group Services, our goal is to empower individuals by removing transportation barriers. We believe in granting you the freedom to actively participate in the opportunities that hold utmost importance in your life. By choosing us, you not only receive exceptional care but also gain access to reliable and tailored transportation support, enabling you to lead a fulfilling and engaged life within your community.

Join us at Priority Group Services and experience uninterrupted mobility, empowering you to actively participate in the opportunities that matter most to you. Your journey towards a fulfilled and engaged life begins with us.


  • Q: What is the primary goal of the Transportation service provided by Priority Group Services?

Ans: Service offered in order to enable participants to gain access to services, activities and resources. This service is offered in addition to medical transportation and does not replace it.

  • Q: What is the maximum distance eligible for transportation reimbursement?

Ans: Reimbursement for transportation covers distances up to 150 miles one way.

  • Q: Can transportation reimbursement be claimed for services within a specific catchment area?

Ans: No, services within the assigned catchment area, like Individual Supports/Daily Rate or Day Habilitation, do not qualify for transportation reimbursement, as transportation is already integrated into their service rates.

  • Q: Are there any limitations on the use of transportation reimbursement?

Ans: Yes, transportation reimbursement cannot be utilized for services that already include transportation in their rate structure, such as Individual Supports/Daily Rate or Day Habilitation within the assigned catchment area.

  • Q: Can transportation services be provided at the same time as another service?

Ans: No, transportation services are generally not delivered concurrently (during the same period of time) as another service.

  • Q: What standards do the vehicles used by Priority Group Services have to meet for transportation services?

Ans: At Priority Group Services, we prioritize safety and compliance with stringent vehicle standards for transportation services. The vehicles we use must adhere to specific criteria:

  • Compliance with all pertinent safety and licensing regulations outlined by the State of New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission.
  • Regular maintenance to ensure safe operational conditions.
  • Adherence to maximum seating capacities based on available seatbelts and wheelchair securing devices.
  • Designated wheelchair accessibility with well-maintained lifts and securements for individuals using wheelchairs.
  • Inclusion of essential safety equipment such as a 10:BC dry chemical fire extinguisher, a First Aid kit, a minimum of 3 portable red reflector warning devices, and appropriate tires or chains for challenging weather conditions.

  • Q: How can I enroll in the Transportation provided by Priority Group Services?

Ans: Enrolling in our Supported Employment Services at Priority Group Services is a straightforward process. Follow these steps to get started:

  1. You can enroll with Priority Group Services by using the New Jersey Provider Search Database. For more information, check the step-by-step guide here.
  2. You can reach out to us at 718-400-6166 or email us at and our specialized staff will assist you with all your queries.
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