5 Traits in your Handwriting that Block your Progress: FREE MASTERCLASS ALERT !


Did you know your Handwriting can reveal very intricate details about your personality ?


Your handwriting holds several clues to your personality. Even better, you can use your own handwriting to make your life better.

1. Get to know yourself better and build your personal skills

Your own handwriting will bring you face to face with your shortcomings and help you understand yourself in a much better manner. It helps you understand areas of strengths and weakness for you

2. And, of course, you can know others as well

The handwriting reveals to you what the person thinks and what he likes or dislikes. It's useful for parents, teachers, psychologists, educators to understand their clients and identify their core issues in less than 10 minutes

3.Helps you Earn Money

The field of Graphology is a wonderful tool to add in your skill set , a tool which can help you get to the core issue of an individual in less than 10 minutes and make the necessary changes too.

Would you Like to know more ?

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About : Farida Bharmal is passionate about adding value to life and her personal commitment is to create fearless confident people, who wish to develop their Personality Relationships. She believes that she is One stop shop for women who want clarity , consistency and Financial independence in their personal and professional lives.

  • 5000+ Handwriting analysis sessions conducted for individuals and companies

like Delloit, and Kalyani Magnum.

  • Conducted more than 200 workshops on Handwriting Analysis.
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