Conscious Culture 49: Mental Wealth

Nov 18, 2021 7:15 am


Mental Wealth

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This week we'll discuss:

  • The credentials fallacy
  • Mental wealth
  • Recognizing the influence that's already yours
  • Why curiosity is better than being smart
  • How to negotiate salary for your new job
  • How to make delicious coffee at home

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Interesting Reads

Mental Wealth: Managing Your Mental Health Budget

"We have a limited mental health budget. For some people, daily aggressions make this budget much smaller. If we want to be able to enact change and contribute positively, we need to manage that mental wealth carefully."

The Credentials Fallacy

"The credentials fallacy is a logical fallacy that occurs when someone dismisses an argument by stating that whoever made it doesn’t have proper credentials, so their argument must be wrong or unimportant."

No Need to Shout: Recognizing the Influence That’s Already Yours

"Having influence is in many ways easier and less extraordinary than we imagine. While the times you’ve tried and failed to influence someone may loom large, there are undoubtedly far more examples of times you’ve influenced someone without trying at all—and without ever seeing the influence you had"

Why Curiosity Is Better Than Being Smart

"Curious people become smart by accident. Their curiosity simply pushes them into various rabbit holes. Guided by a childish desire to understand why something is the way it is, they end up exploring webs full of strange to them, initially, things."


Regex Learn

"Learn RegEx, step by step, zero to advanced. Regex can be used in programming languages such as Python, SQL, Javascript, R, Google Analytics, Google Data Studio, and throughout the coding process."

Tools and Resources

How to Negotiate Salary for a New Job: The Do’s and Don’ts

"If a job offer is imminent, be prepared for the salary negotiation discussion and understand what else could be on the table, such as benefits or flexible work."

Markup: Read, Annotate & Share What Matters

"The best smart reader for highlighting and annotating your thoughts or summarizing important messages from your favorite articles."

Fun Stuff

Honest Coffee Guide

"Illustrated guides and infographics to help you make delicious coffee at home."

SocialBook Photo Cartoonizer

"Want to convert image to cartoon online free? Use SocialBook Photo Cartoonizer to turn images into cartoons for free. Convert photo into cartoon in seconds now!"

Quote of the Week

"People like to put you into a box. I'm afraid I don't sit in a box."

— Andrew Lloyd Webber


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