Conscious Culture 022: Curb Your Ethnocentrism

May 13, 2021 4:22 am


Curb Your Ethnocentrism

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This week I'm sharing ideas on curbing your ethnocentrism, time management, the science behind building general skills, and Gen Z hospital.

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Interesting Reads

Curb Your Ethnocentrism

“Ethnocentrism is an individual’s obstinate belief that one’s own culture is superior to the rest. It is the inclination to look at the world primarily from the perspective of one’s own culture. The negative mindset of establishing cultural superiority needs to be erased and undoubtedly this destructive approach contributes to needless clash at workplace.”

A Realistic Guide to Time Management

“Time management tips that actually work for efficiently allocating your hours in a day towards your priorities in work and life.”

The Science Behind Building General Skills

“How do you build general skills? Abilities that not only help you with a narrow problem, but ones that you can apply repeatedly to problems in your life? Many of our goals, whether its becoming a better programmer, a savvier business leader or more original artist are of this type.”


The Ultimate Guide to The Creator Economy

“This piqued interest in the Creator Economy coincides with a notable shift in GenZ’s career aspirations. As many as 29% of American students no longer want to become bankers, doctors, or lawyers. Instead, they aspire to become creators. At current rates, this trend could see a generational shift in the global workforce.”

Tools and Resources


“Free, hand-drawn illustrations brought to you by a growing community of aspiring creatives. You can use our free illustrations for any purpose, without attribution.”

Scott's Cheap Flights

“Save up to 90% on international and domestic flights. Join over 2 million members around the world who receive cheap flight alerts that have been handpicked and vetted by Scott and our team of Flight Experts.”

Fun Stuff

📽️ Gen Z Hospital - SNL


Quote of the Week

“If you always do what interests you, at least one person is pleased.”

— Katharine Hepburn


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