Conscious Culture 029: Me Time

Jul 01, 2021 2:40 am


Me Time

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This week we're talking about the shady world of influencers promoting cryptocurrencies, Making “Me Time”, Cave Syndrome, and The Planning Fallacy.

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Interesting Reads

Inside the Shady World of Influencers Promoting Cryptocurrency

People are investing in worthless altcoins because their favorite influencers told them to.

“YouTubers, streamers, and all kinds of social media influencers are jumping aboard the altcoin train. They're urging their followers to look into new altcoins on a regular basis, if not flat out encouraging them to invest.”

Altcoins — which are also often referred to as “memecoins” or even “shitcoins” – are cryptocurrencies based on some sort of online joke or tied to some sort of money-making scheme.”

In case you didn't know: Dogecoin is an altcoin.

Make Time for “Me Time”

“If you feel as though there is always more you could be doing, you’ll need to consciously set aside time for self-care. In doing so, you will clearly give yourself permission that this is the most important and appropriate thing to do now. Scheduling helps you to see where self-care fits into your schedule, and how other essential activities have their places around it.”

'Cave Syndrome' Keeps the Vaccinated in Social Isolation

A recent study by the American Psychological Association reported that 49 percent of surveyed adults anticipated being uncomfortable about returning to in-person interactions when the pandemic ends. It found that 48 percent of those who have received a COVID vaccine said they felt the same way.

“After a year in isolation, many people who have developed an intimate understanding of what it means to socially isolate are afraid to return to their former lives despite being fully vaccinated. There is even a name for their experience: the clinical sounding “cave syndrome.”

The Planning Fallacy

“The Planning Fallacy refers to our tendency to underestimate the time it will take to complete a future task despite knowing that similar tasks have taken longer in the past.”


Twitter MBA Course

“The all-new comprehensive course designed to help you master the basics of Twitter and build an audience.”

Tools and Resources

The Ultimate SEO Checklist for 2021

“Most SEO checklists fail to communicate how SEO is an ongoing process. Instead, they list random tasks and make it sound like SEO is done and dusted once you check them off.”

Fun Stuff

NATO Phonetic Alphabet, Codes, & Signals

“To ensure clear communication, NATO uses a number of well-known formats which are in general use. NATO standardization agreements enable forces from many nations to communicate in a way that is understood by all.”

Sounds of Earth

“Listen to relaxing ambient sounds of nature.”

Quote of the Week

“If you aren’t curious about it, you’ll never be good at it.”

— Naval Ravikant


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