Conscious Culture 021: The Illusion of Explanatory Depth

May 06, 2021 2:36 am


The Illusion of Explanatory Depth

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This week we're talking about the illusion of explanatory depth, why the 80/20 rule is making you lazy, and how TikTok is changing the music industry.

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Interesting Reads

Illusion of Explanatory Depth

“The illusion of explanatory depth (IOED) describes our belief that we understand more about the world than we actually do. It is often not until we are asked to actually explain a concept that we come face to face with our limited understanding of it.”

80/20 is Making You Lazy

“Don't spend your life spraying 20% effort all over the place, hoping for 80% results, only to look back and wonder why you never hit 100% on anything.”

The Art of Having an Informed Opinion

“One problem with opinionated people is their inability to calibrate those opinions to outcomes. And if you can't change your mind, you can't progress.”

How TikTok is Changing the Music Industry

“TikTok’s growing influence on the music industry is undeniable. It’s given music enthusiasts a voice and democratized the business.”

45% of TikTokers listen to music in order to share it with friends and family, and 42% to support their favorite artists.


What is Zero-Knowledge Encryption?

“Trusting personal information to online services makes us vulnerable to abuse. However, unless you’re an IT professional, it is very hard to understand what “safety” means for each service you use. If you want to make sure that you are truly protecting your private data – you should go for services that use Zero-Knowledge encryption.”

Zero-Knowledge encryption means that providers know nothing about the data you store on their servers. Learn more about how Zero-Knowledge encryption works.

Tools and Resources

SEO Toolbelt

“A site dedicated to helping you find the best SEO tools.”

Fun Stuff

Royalties Calculator

“The best way to know how much a musician earns through all the major streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, and others.”

Quote of the Week

“What the pupil must learn, if he learns anything at all, is that the world will do most of the work for you, provided you cooperate with it by identifying how it really works and aligning with those realities. If we do not let the world teach us, it teaches us a lesson.”

Joseph Tussman


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