Conscious Culture 028: The Curse of Knowledge

Jun 24, 2021 2:06 am


The Curse of Knowledge 

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This week we're talking about Inflation, A Tour of Bitcoin in Python, The Curse of Knowledge, and How to Think Clearly.

Also, there is a list of the 50 cheapest Michelin meals in the world, and a list of the best ice cream in every state in Fun Stuff.

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Interesting Reads

Inflation 101

“We provide explanations of basic and fundamental concepts on the definition of inflation, measurement of inflation, costs of inflation, the importance of measuring and controlling inflation, the role of the Federal Reserve in inflation, and other concepts such as price indexes, hyperinflation, trend and underlying inflation, measures of inflation like CPI, core CPI, median CPI, trimmed-mean CPI, PCE, core PCE, and trimmed-mean PCE.”

A From-Scratch Tour of Bitcoin in Python

“We are going to create, digitally sign, and broadcast a Bitcoin transaction in pure Python, from scratch, and with zero dependencies. In the process we’re going to learn quite a bit about how Bitcoin represents value.”

The Curse of Knowledge: A Difficulty in Understanding Less-Informed Perspectives

“The curse of knowledge is a cognitive bias that causes people to fail to properly understand the perspective of those who do not have as much information as them.”

Will Note:

In Conscious Culture 21 I shared the illusion of explanatory depth. The illusion of explanatory depth says that we believe we understand a concept and it isn't until we have to explain it to someone that we find out that we don't really understand it all. The curse of knowledge is the opposite of the illusion of explanatory depth.

How to Think Clearly

“By learning to question and clarify your thoughts, you’ll improve your self-knowledge and become a better communicator.”


Beating Burnout: A Guide For Supporting Mental Health at Work

“Individuals who become burned out are at risk for chronic unhappiness, increased irritability, depression, anxiety, mood swings, suicidal thoughts, suicidal actions, alcoholism and drug abuse. It's important to recognize that burnout is about your workplace, not your people.”

Tools and Resources

College Compendium

“Learn at your own pace with our curated collection of free Computer Science classes from top colleges across America.”

Fun Stuff

50 Cheapest Michelin Meals in the World

“Where can you eat a Michelin-starred meal on a budget? Sort restaurants by location, price, or type of meal and find out where you can eat beautiful, delicious, food wherever you go in the world.”

— I've already put La Vara on my list of places to eat since it is in Brooklyn.

The Best Ice Cream in Every State

“I scream, You scream, We all scream for Ice Cream!”

Quote of the Week

“The reward for work well done is the opportunity to do more.”

— Jonas Sal


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