Conscious Culture 025: Americans and “Cancel Culture”

Jun 03, 2021 1:42 am


Americans and “Cancel Culture” 

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I'm super excited! Coachella presale tickets go on sale Friday! It's been two years since I went to Coachella (the last time they had Coachella). I think I'm going back.

This week's newsletter might be my favorite so far. Ideas on Americans and “Cancel Culture”, hustle culture and the lies of success, effective altruism, and the neuroscience of optical illusions. Also, a video of Malcolm Gladwell, age 57, running a 5:15 mile.

Cancel culture and hustle culture are things I think about often because I see them so much online.

I'd love to hear what you think about cancel culture and hustle culture.

Do you agree or disagree with them?

What does cancel culture mean to you?

Feel free to hit reply and let me know what you think.

Interesting Reads

Americans and ‘Cancel Culture’: Where Some See Calls for Accountability, Others See Censorship, Punishment

“To better understand how the U.S. public views the concept of cancel culture, Pew Research Center asked Americans in September 2020 to share – in their own words – what they think the term means and, more broadly, how they feel about the act of calling out others on social media.”

Hustle Culture and the Big Lies of Success

“The “just work harder” mantra is the specific core of hustle culture because it is a holistic system - the hustle culture influencer with his fancy cars got here by working hard every second of his life, and you could do it too, if you would only work harder and, of course, take the advice of the influencer in question. They claim to have the secrets to mastering a particular thing to make a large amount of money, and all you need to do is join whatever course or Webinar they’re selling.“

Introduction to Effective Altruism

“Most of us want to make a difference. We see suffering, injustice and death, and are moved to do something about them. But working out what that ‘something’ is, let alone actually doing it, can be a difficult and disheartening challenge. Effective altruism is a response to this challenge. It is a research field which uses high-quality evidence and careful reasoning to work out how to help others as much as possible. It is also a community of people taking these answers seriously, by focusing their efforts on the most promising solutions to the world's most pressing problems.”

“Reality” is Constructed by Your Brain. Here’s What That Means, and Why it Matters.

“Most of the time, the story our brains generate matches the real, physical world — but not always. Our brains also unconsciously bend our perception of reality to meet our desires or expectations. And they fill in gaps using our past experiences.”


The Complete Guide to Full Stack Ethereum Development

“In this article, you'll learn how to build full-stack dApps with React, Ethers.js, Solidity, and Hardhat.”

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Fun Stuff

📽️ Watch a Young Elon Musk Get His First Supercar in 1999


📽️ Malcolm Gladwell Runs 5:15 Mile At 57 Years Old


Quote of the Week

“It is far easier to start something than it is to finish it.”

— Amelia Earhart


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