Conscious Culture 36: The Philosophy of Downshifting

Aug 19, 2021 4:11 am


The Philosophy of Downshifting

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This week we're discussing the philosophy of downshifting, how the end-of-history illusion prevents you from shaping your future self, Instagram's evolution, and more.

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Interesting Reads

The Philosophy of Downshifting

"Slowing down physically and psychologically; making life choices that allow you to regain a more human pace; enjoying the present moment instead of focusing attention on the future. In the field of work, all this has evolved into the concept of downshifting (also called “voluntary simplicity”), which is based on a series of choices that are no longer focused on money and status symbols but rather on simplicity intended as psycho-physical wellbeing."

The Three-or-Four-Hours Rule

"Stop assuming that the way to make progress on your most important projects is to work for longer. And drop the perfectionistic notion that emails, meetings, digital distractions, and other interruptions ought ideally to be whittled away to practically nothing. Just focus on protecting four hours – and don't worry if the rest of the day is characterized by the usual scattered chaos."

How the End-of-History Illusion Prevents You From Shaping Your Future Self

"By making us reactive instead of proactive, the end-of-history illusion affects our lives in several ways, leading to short-sighted planning and fixed assumptions about ourselves."

Instagram’s Evolution

"It may be hard to remember now, but Instagram didn’t even start as primarily a photo-sharing app: it was a photo filter app, focused on making photos look good on ancient iPhone cameras and posting them on other social networks."


Escape Velocity: Building a Career Beyond Your Job

"Your job is a moment in time, a role that is only one chapter on your career - and your life - story. But if you get stuck only focusing on where you are, you will miss opportunities to gather the building blocks that will take you beyond your current scope."

Tools and Resources


"Become a better writer with a copy buddy."

YouTube Bias Hider

"Hide YouTube views, likes/dislikes, comments, and/or subscribers according to your preferences. Reduce potential biases from the YouTube metrics and consume information with minimal preconceptions."

Fun Stuff

Why It Breaks Your Brain To Take A Compliment

"Compliments can be difficult to take."

Beautiful Background Animations & Illustrations

"A collection of 60+ free beautiful background scenes from around the globe - illustrated and animated! Download High-quality PNG, MP4, and GIF files for commercial projects without attribution"

Quote of the Week

"Mystery creates wonder and wonder is the basis of man's desire to understand."

— Neil Armstrong


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