The Cook Up 014: Moore's Law for Everything

Mar 18, 2021 1:46 am


Moore's Law for Everything

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This week's newsletter has some good content. We're talking about how there is a technology revolution happening right before our eyes and most people don't know. Our lives will be different in the next couple of years and it's because of technology.

Other notable ideas this week include a recent study that shows caffeine consumption does not disrupt sleep quality but can alter the structure of the brain connected to memory, and how Facebook's AI algorithms got addicted to spreading misinformation.

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Interesting Reads

Moore's Law for Everything

“Software that can think and learn will do more and more of the work that people now do. Even more power will shift from labor to capital. If public policy doesn’t adapt accordingly, most people will end up worse off than they are today.”

In the next five years, computer programs that can think will read legal documents and give medical advice. In the next decade, they will do assembly-line work and maybe even become companions. And in the decades after that, they will do almost everything, including making new scientific discoveries that will expand our concept of “everything.”

Caffeine Changes Your Brain Structure, But Won't Ruin Your Sleep

“There are those who believe drinking caffeine too late will keep them awake all night. Others, however, feel their brain just can’t function unless they have a hot cup of coffee in them. A new study may be unraveling both of those beliefs. Researchers from the University of Basel say regular caffeine consumption does not disrupt sleep quality, but it can alter the structure of the brain connected to memory.”

How Google's New Career Certificates Could Disrupt the College Degree

“Get a first look at Google's new certificate programs and a new feature of Google Search designed to help job seekers everywhere.”

How Facebook Got Addicted to Spreading Misinformation

“The company’s AI algorithms gave it an insatiable habit for lies and hate speech. Now the man who built them can't fix the problem.”


How to Decrease Stress and Anxiety

“The link between procrastination and stress is straightforward — the more you’re stressed and the less confident you are about your ability to fulfill a task, the more you’ll procrastinate.”

Tools and Resources


“Obsidian is a powerful knowledge base that works on top of a local folder of plain text Markdown files.”

Fun Stuff


“Free musical guessing game: race friends to name that tune!”

  • I spent most of my weekend playing this game. It's pretty fun.

How Vinyl Records Are Made


Quote of the Week

Those who know do not speak.
Those who speak do not know.

— Lao Tzu


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