The Cook Up 015: Who Said That?

Mar 25, 2021 2:44 am


Who Said That? 

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This week, we're talking about learning to play the fool, the cost-quality curve, and mindful productivity. You may also want to check out the creator library and the no-BS marketing resources.

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Interesting Reads

Learn to Play The Fool

“To be a learner, you've got to be willing to be the fool.”

George Leonard

“By fool, to be clear, I don’t mean a stupid, unthinking person, but one with the spirit of the medieval fool, the court jester, the carefree fool in the tarot deck who bears the awesome number zero, signifying the fertile void from which all creation springs, the state of emptiness that allows new things to come into being.”

The Cost-Quality Curve

“As one becomes an expert in any hobby or craft, one learns about the best equipment that is possible to buy. The dynamics of the cost-value curve are as follows:”


Who Wants to Play the Status Game?

Agnes outlines three games that are played by people — Basic games, importance games, and leveling games.

  • Basic games happen when you just went someone and you're looking for things you have in common with the person.
  • Importance games are played by jockeying for position. People playing the important game generally make statements about their wealth, status, and accomplishments.
  • Leveling games involve people leveling the field by using empathy.

“A player of the Importance Game tries to ascend high enough to reach for something that will set her above her interlocutor, a player of the Leveling Game reaches down low enough to hit common ground. The former needs to signal enough power to establish a hierarchy; the latter enough powerlessness to establish equality.”


Mindful Productivity Audit: 10 Questions to Improve Your Well-Being at Work

“Mindful productivity combines productivity, creativity, and mental health. Perform an audit to achieve more without burning out.”

Tools and Resources

Creator Library

“A non-comprehensive compilation of free resources from across the web to help creators with all the nuances related to running a successful creator business.”

No-BS Marketing Resources

“620+ resources from 160+ no-BS experts who spoke on the Everyone Hates Marketers podcast.”

NoCode Tutorials

“Get access to the biggest database of free NoCode Tutorials for Bubble, Zapier, Webflow, and more platforms!”

Fun Stuff

Who Said That?

“WhoSaidThat is a game where the player tries to guess the author of a tweet.”

Covid-19 Pandemic Estimated End Date

“Estimated end date of Covid-19 pandemic in the World.”

Quote of the Week

“Success is dangerous. One begins to copy oneself and to copy oneself is more dangerous than to copy others.”

— Pablo Picasso

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