Conscious Culture 031: Conscious Spending

Jul 15, 2021 3:18 am


Conscious Spending

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This week we're talking about ways to manage your energy more effectively, conscious spending, how to work hard, and how to spot misinformation.

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Interesting Reads

4 Ways to Manage Your Energy More Effectively

“The key to success at work and in life isn’t really starting strong, it’s staying strong. And one of the keys to having that staying power is the idea of self-regulation. This entails operating within lower and upper boundaries of activity by predetermining the minimum and maximum amount of action you will take toward a specific goal within a certain span of time (such as a day or a week). This keeps you from getting derailed because you dropped off or lost interest, or overdoing it and finding yourself too exhausted to continue.”

Conscious Spending

“Conscious spending means you decide exactly where you’re going to spend your money–for going out, for saving, for investing, for rent–and you free yourself from feeling guilty about your spending. Along with making you feel comfortable with your spending, a plan lets you continue growing towards your goals instead of just treading water.”

How to Work Hard

“One thing I know is that if you want to do great things, you'll have to work very hard. I wasn't sure of that as a kid. Schoolwork varied in difficulty; one didn't always have to work super hard to do well. And some of the things famous adults did, they seemed to do almost effortlessly. Was there, perhaps, some way to evade hard work through sheer brilliance? Now I know the answer to that question. There isn't.”


How to Spot Misinformation Online

"You will learn techniques for identifying false information, like reverse image searches, and how to seek out trustworthy sources. You’ll come away with tips for talking to friends and family members who share misinformation, as well."

Tools and Resources


“Conscious consumerism right from the tip of your mouse”

Fun Stuff

Map of the Internet

“Map of the Internet is a comprehensive artistic visualization of the Internet as of 2021. It includes several thousand of some of the most popular websites, represented as distinct “countries”, along with their countless aspects and features. The sites are grouped together with others of similar type or category, forming dozens of distinct clusters, regions, and continents, such as “social networks”

This Website Will Self Destruct

“This Website Will Self-destruct — A place to write what you're feeling. If no new messages are received for 24 hours, the site will go away.”

Quote of the Week

“Make each day your masterpiece.”

— John Wooden


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