Conscious Culture 33: How Exceptional People Think

Jul 29, 2021 2:38 am


How Exceptional People Think

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Topics in this week's newsletter include how exceptional people think, the big bang, ethics as advertisement, and reading to lead.

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Interesting Reads

“Ethics” is advertising

"This page explains “ethics” as signaling: personal advertisement. We all display “ethicalness” as a strategy for looking like attractive mates and coworkers, by signaling class status, tribal loyalty, and superior personality traits."

The Big Bang: What We Know and How We Know It

"When most people think of the Big Bang, they imagine a single moment: a whole universe emerging from nothing. That’s not really how it worked, though. The Big Bang refers not to one event, but to a whole scientific theory. Using Einstein’s equations and some simplifying assumptions, we physicists can lay out a timeline for the universe’s earliest history. Different parts of this timeline have different evidence: some are meticulously tested, others we even expect to be wrong!"

Read To Lead: How To Digest Books Above Your “Level”

"It’s not enough that you read a lot. To do great things, you have to read to lead.”

"Reading to lead means pushing yourself–reading books “above your level.” In short, you know the books where the words blur together and you can’t understand what’s happening? Those are the books a leader needs to read. Reading to lead or learn requires that you treat your brain like the muscle that it is–lifting the subjects with the most tension and weight."

How Exceptional People Think

"The highest-performers don't use "tricks" or "hacks" to achieve greatness. They use mental frameworks that fundamentally change the way they see the world."


Public Speaking for Introverts

"Whether you're an introvert or you're feeling post-pandemic shy, these public speaking tips will get you back to presenter-ready in no time."

How to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile and Get the Most Out of It

"10+ LinkedIn profile sections to optimize and tips on how to improve your profile. Learn how to use your LinkedIn profile to get more leads and boost your authority"

Tools and Resources

Free YouTube Transcripts

"Need a transcript? You'll get one instantly with YT Scribe (and it's free)."


"Free AI image resizer for social media. Just upload your image of any size and it will be automatically resized to each and every one of the 102 sizes we support. AI is there to ensure that your image is resized in the best way that a robot can do."

Top Trending Twitter Hashtags

"Find trends for over 400+ places and cities. Find what is trending in your city, country, or any other location all over the world."

Fun Stuff

The YouTube Thumbnail Game

"Play with your friends and pick which thumbnail has more views!"

The Deep Sea

"Scroll down the deep sea in this interactive page."

Quote of the Week

"Growth must be chosen again and again"

— Abraham Maslow


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