The Cook Up 019: The Super Mario Effect

Apr 22, 2021 2:54 am


The Super Mario Effect

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Hi everyone,

I hope all is well. 

Change is coming. 

We're outgrowing “The Cook Up,” so next week I'm renaming the newsletter “Conscious Culture.”


We've been growing a lot and one or two new people join a week and I think updating our name will help us continue to grow into our identity of being intellectually curious people capable of sharing and receiving information about topics like psychology, learning, business, science, and emerging technology.

Outside the name change, I've also started building a second brain. Below is a look inside at some topics in my second brain right now.


This week's newsletter is awesome!

I’m sharing ideas on how you can build your own second brain, overcoming workplace procrastination, and tricking yourself into learning with The Super Mario Effect.

Feel free to hit reply and share what you liked, or disliked.

Interesting Reads

🎥. The Super Mario Effect


Workplace Procrastination: Why People Procrastinate at Work and How to Stop It

“Workplace procrastination is a phenomenon where people unnecessarily postpone dealing with work-related tasks. This phenomenon is prevalent, and can lead to serious issues both for the people who procrastinate, as well as for their employers.”

The PARA Method: A Universal System for Organizing Digital Information

“P.A.R.A. stands for Projects — Areas — Resources — Archives, the four top-level categories that encompass every type of information you might encounter in your work and life.”

Building a Second Brain: The Illustrated Notes

“Maggie Appleton took Tiago's Second Brain Course and created an illustrated essay of everything she learned from the course.”

Subtract: Why Getting to Less Can Mean Thinking More

“In our striving to improve our lives, our work, and our society, we overwhelmingly add. We overlook the option to subtract from what is already there.”


Kikodo - Learn to code

“The fast and flexible way to learn coding. Easy bitesize exercises from anywhere at anytime.”

Tools and Resources

How Long to Read

“Search over 12 million books and find reading times for each one on How Long to Read. Calculate your personalized reading speed by reading a sample passage.”


“LINER is the best digital highlighter that covers everything from PDF files to web pages; Highlight, save, comment, and share everything you read online. Free to use and available on all devices and platforms.”

Instant Vitals

“Use Instant Vitals to identify parts of your website that are degrading your Web Vitals scores. Store the results in Google BigQuery and discover opportunities to improve your users’ experiences.”

Fun Stuff

“Lofi music streams for studying, working, and relaxing.”

Quote of the Week

“Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear—not absence of fear.”

- Mark Twain


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