Conscious Culture 55: The Art of Negativity

Dec 30, 2021 12:36 am


The Art of Negativity

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This week's newsletter explores:

  • The art of negativity
  • Understanding anchor beliefs
  • Sources of uncertainty
  • Climbing the wealth ladder
  • How to approach strangers at a party
  • The history of data science

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Interesting Reads

The Art of Negativity

“Unpleasant feelings are just as crucial as the enjoyable ones in helping you make sense of life’s ups and downs. Trying to repress or ignore so-called negative emotions can make these feelings suppurate and spill out into unresolved collateral damage.”

Human Behavior Makes More Sense When You Understand “Anchor Beliefs.”

“Understanding the role that Anchor Beliefs play in human psychology - and identifying your own personal Anchor Beliefs - can help you make better sense of the world around you.”

The Five Sources of Uncertainty

“The sources of uncertainty are missing information, unreliable information, conflicting information, noisy information, and confusing information.”

Climbing the Wealth Ladder

“The best way to climb the wealth ladder is to spend money according to your level. If you are in level 1 and you book a vacation without caring about the costs (level 4), then you won’t progress further up the ladder.”


How to Approach Strangers at A Party

“We go by the external cues – and few people feel safe enough to display their vulnerabilities. We therefore come to assume that we are living among superior, metal-plated cyborgs rather than fragile, water-filled uncertain entities. We cannot believe that most of what we know of our own minds, especially the self-doubt, the anxiety and the sadness, must exist in those of strangers too.”

Tools and Resources


“Workflowy offers a simpler way to stay organized. If you have a crazy job or an ambitious project, we will be your trusty sidekick.”

Down for Everyone or Just Me

“Check if a website or service is down or having problems.”

Fun Stuff

Data Science Timeline

"Explore the timeline and learn the history of data science"

Quote of the Week

“It pays better to wait and recollect by an effort from within, than to look at the book again.”

— William James


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