"You're out of business if you don't have a prospect", said Zig Ziglar… and he's so right!

Mark Hunter, author of High-Profit Prospecting, defines leads as:


Prospects, on the other hand, are:


There's no doubt: lead generation matters big time, because it all starts with it – prospecting, relationship selling… EVERYTHING.

You know that but, for some reason, there always seems to be something more urgent that gets in the way and prevents you from generating leads on a regular basis.

If you'd like to change that and really unlock the power of organic lead generation for your business, you're in the right place!

Introducing 7 Days to More Leads

7 Days to More Leads is a free 7-day course that gives you an overview of different lead generation strategies you can use to supercharge your lead generation and have prospects book more appointments with you – all organically (meaning, no need to spend a penny in paid ads).

If you're a coach, a consultant, solopreneur or a freelancer, this course is FOR YOU.

With the Course, You'll Learn About:

🔹 what you should do BEFORE you get started with (serious) lead generation 👍🏽

🔹 the easiest way to find your target clients on LinkedIn (nope, you DON'T need Sales Navigator for this!) 😎

🔹 a strategy that will automatically fill up your calendar with meetings… every. Single. Week. ⚡

🔹 the formula to put your inbound lead generation on autopilot 🔄

🔹 my lead generation toolkit – the "tools of the trade" I've used to generate over 40,000 leads for my business (without spending anything in paid advertising) 🧰

Want more?

What about a step-by-step blueprint that will list what to focus on and do for the next 7, 14, and 28 days, so that no lead will fall through the cracks ever again, and that you'll get more and more appointments with prospects booked? 🧭 🗺️

Fill out the form to get INSTANT ACCESS to the 7 Days to More Leads course!

Course created and taught by Yann Ilunga ('Undisputed Unicorn-Level Leader' – Inc.).

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