Request Our Free Value-Based Pricing: How to Stop Charging for Time Deck


A set of slides from our webinar on value-based pricing and how to stop using hourly billing.


  • What a value-based price is and what it isn't.
  • Why use value-based pricing: to become a better consultant.
  • The virtuous circle of client value focus.
  • Value-capture with value-based pricing vs cost-plus pricing.
  • 6 more reasons why you should use value-based pricing.
  • The factors that determine your ability to use value-based pricing.
  • Why some firms can use value-based pricing and others can't.
  • 7 challenges when adopting value-based pricing.
  • Why getting recommended does wonders for your ability to use value-based pricing
  • Positioning and differentiation and value-based pricing.
  • 4 types of buyers: price, convenience, value and relationship.
  • Questions that guide sales conversations to be about value.
  • Your biggest challenge: belief.
  • Starting with value-based pricing in 4 steps.
  • Leveraging your brand and value-based pricing through productized services.
  • 4 types of productized services.
  • Productize yourself with retainers.
  • The do's of value-based pricing.

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