Ceiling Kings - Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Mississauga and Oakville popcorn ceiling removal with Ceiling Kings, the only medieval stucco contractor you're going to see on the market.

What Makes Ceiling Kings Different?

The unique thing about Ceiling Kings is definitely their 'Game of Thrones' style pitch to their business. While many other companies in the drywall and stucco world drone on in a very 'professional' manner -> read: BLAND -> Ceiling Kings breaks the mold to present as something truly remarkable.

Treating your home as a castle, and your family like royalty plays right into a playful spot in all of our minds. We all grow up loving to play pretend, so why can't we do this with business and the people we invite into our homes to do the odd job?

Nothing is ever going to erase from my mind the classic picture that Ceiling Kings paints of their Mississauga and Oakville based escapades:

  • They touch on the vast kingdom where they will 'heed the call to vanquish popcorn ceiling foes', which is about the best way you can describe your service area.
  • Sending a message or request for service takes place through their 'send a raven' framework... A great play on the long distance messaging used in Game of Thrones.
  • They entice you to install pot lights by referencing their superiority of candles and torches. I mean, how do you top that?
  • You can top it by measuring your experience in FORTNIGHTS! That's how.

Besides their valiant theme of pretending to be based in 1600's Europe, this group of textured ceiling specialists knows their craft very well.

The images on their website (breaking the theme, how did they get photos in this pre-Kodak era?) are great. Before and after versions of Castle owner's rooms. You truly do see how removing the popcorn ceiling affects how the light moves in a room.

The lightness and brightness of a room is but one of many real life benefits. Helpful now as they were back in the dark gloomy days of the dark ages:

Benefits of Popcorn Ceiling Removal in Oakville / Mississauga

Getting in touch with what a business does and how they portray themselves is one thing, but to learn the ins and outs of WHY is another.

Removing popcorn ceiling from a home has numerous advantage for your home... Or should I say your Castle:

  1. Increased light penetration/light spread - This really means that your rooms will appear brighter as the light from either your ceiling lights, lamps, and even the sun will not be dampened by the textured ceiling. The bumpy ceiling catches light in all the valleys and really limits how bright your rooms will be.
  2. Increased air quality - Since the bumpy texture of popcorn ceiling acts as a sort of trap, pollen and allergens accumulate in these bumps. The steady accumulation of pollutants in these valleys reduces air quality.
  3. Increased home value - Smooth ceilings simply look amazing. By having the popcorn ceiling removed in your home, and installing pot lights, you are massively increasing the perceived value of your home. You are saving work for the future owner as well as presenting your home in a very modern flavour.


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Ceiling Kings - Popcorn Ceiling Removal

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