Decarbonize our Agri-Food system

About a third of human-caused GHG emissions originate from the world’s Agri-Food systems, we have written a summary of the opportunities for decarbonization of the Agri-Food system and are looking for investment opportunities with quality stewardship.

Big Idea Ventures (BIV), with offices in New York, Paris, and Singapore, is the world’s most active investor in FoodTech and AgTech, it has invested in more than 110 food tech startups. The company has contributed to developing the growing alternative protein industry since its inception. They have built successes in a venture-building VC model. BIV is backed by a network of strategic partners including AAK, Avril, Bühler, Givaudan, Temasek Holdings, and Tyson Ventures, and is partnering with governments worldwide working on food security and new food ecosystems.

Their latest fund, Generation Food Rural Partners Fund (GFRP), is a new model. This fund works to solve problems in the supply chain for food and agriculture companies and create jobs in rural areas. They talk to the Nestle’s, Unilever, all the way down to a small stakeholder farmer, in the United States and Europe. They’ve built a data lake of problems Agri-Food stakeholders are trying to solve, whether it’s around single-use plastics, scaffolding for cultivated proteins, or replacement for petroleum-based adhesives.

Then they map the universe of problems to a pool of university-developed research and IP. The goal is to start around 20 to 40 new companies based on baskets of university IP coupled with experienced management teams to build companies to solve some of the problems that the Agri-Food industry is trying to solve. The goal is to help the industry partners hit their GHG reduction goals in time. Corporate partners offer piloting or testing opportunities to collaborate with startups from an early stage.

The investor deck of the GFRP fund:

The recording of an interview with Tom, the CIO of BIV on March 1st, 2024:

We like the model and the star team and want to explore syndication. If you're interested in the GFRP fund, sign up to join the evaluation and DD, or follow updates here. This is our community service for investor collaboration only, not soliciting investments. Our syndication allows smaller checks (> $5000) to participate in the fund, and big check writers (> $5M) can invest directly. We won't charge any management fee and carry for the SPV, only the cost of SPV will be shared proportionally. Potential business partnerships with their portfolio companies could be one of the benefits for investors. If you like to access their data room for evaluation, submit your info below.




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