COVID 19 Vaccine: Imma Wait And See

May 24, 2021 1:21 pm


COVID 19 Vaccine: I'm Going To Wait And See

"I'm going to wait and see"...

This is the exact phrase I hear from lots of people who haven't decided if they want to take the COVID 19 vaccine.

Taking a road trip to Dallas this weekend I had 4 hours to think about the reasons people do or don't take the COVID 19 vaccine.

My reasoning for getting vaccinated is probably a bit dramatic, but last year I saw a few stories where younger patients were having strokes as a result of COVID 19. At the time I didn't know the exact numbers of people who had a stroke related to COVID, but the mere thought of having to deal with one was enough to make me roll up my sleeve and get vaccinated.

That's just me though...

During my 4 hour drive over the weekend (that my wife slept the entire time...smh) I realized that others have their own personal reasons why they may be hesitant to get vaccinated. Those reasons should be respected.

As a healthcare professional, the best thing you can do is to acknowledge any concerns a client or family member may have, answer their questions, and direct them to reliable sources for information on the COVID 19 vaccine.

While you shouldn't shame anyone for not taking the vaccine, I definitely believe in keeping those family members who take pride in living the maskless and vaccine-less life at a distance!

In this week's guide titled 5 Ways To Get The COVID 19 Vaccine In Houston And Protect Your Family I provide resources to help you find local COVID 19 vaccine providers. One of those resources is a government website that allows you to search for local providers by the specific vaccine (Moderna, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson).

The COVID 19 vaccine is more readily available today when compared to January, therefore if you want one it's only a matter of knowing where to go.

What about you? Do you have reasons for getting vaccinated...or not? Let me know I'm interested to hear your thoughts either way.


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