6 Places To Find Summer Internships

May 17, 2021 1:38 pm


6 Places To Find Summer Internships

May is graduation season and this was evident over weekend when the family and I visited Herman Park. We saw at least 20 different students taking their graduation pictures.

Maybe your son/daughter is walking the stage soon. If so, congrats to you and your graduate for making it through such a tough school year.

One thing that can help a young man/women fast track their career is a summer internship.

Internships can help students in a number of ways:

  • Putting money in their pocket...if it's a paid internship
  • Earning college course credit
  • Networking with professionals who can teach them about their industry
  • Deciding if they REALLY want to pursue that degree in Underwater Basket Weaving

In this week's guide titled 6 Places To Find Summer Internships For Ambitious College Students, I list 6 websites that you can use to find a summer job.

In addition, I also link to one of my favorite books called the Recession Proof Grad...

This book makes the case for young adults working for free in order to quickly build their network, meet with powerful people, and essentially fast track their career. Working for free isn't for everyone, but definitely worth considering if you are early in your career and in a position to do so.

Have a great week!



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