Mask Mandates + Substance Abuse Housing

Aug 16, 2021 1:21 pm


Mask Mandates + Substance Abuse Housing

Last week, HISD passed an agenda to make masks mandatory for students, staff, and visors to their schools.

In this week's community resource How The HISD Mask Mandate Works: What Students, Teachers, and Parents Should Know, you can find information like who is exempt from this mandate, penalties for not wearing masks, and a listing of other school districts who are implementing a similar rule about face coverings.

ReCenter: Housing and Treatment For Substance Abuse

The ReCenter is a non-medical detox in the midtown neighborhood. This is a good resource for any battling addiction, especially if they have no place to stay.

ReCenter can offer a safe, clean place to stay for individuals with substance abuse problems who are willing to put in the work and follow all program guidelines.

You can learn more about this Houston substance abuse program here.

How To Get A Vaccine In Houston

The easiest ways to find free COVID 19 vaccines are by:

  • Calling the City of Houston COVID 19 Call Center at 832.393.4220. They can direct you to free vaccine sites.
  • Seniors who cannot leave their homes for a vaccine can contact the Houston Area Agency on Aging at 832.393.4301.
  • Finally, there is You can find plenty of options to get the vaccine of your choice (Moderna, Pfizer, J&J) at local pharmacies in your zip code by using this website.

Houston Healthcare Jobs

If you are looking for work in healthcare, the opportunities are definitely there!

I'm very please with the jobs that were added to the healthcare job board because these are good paying jobs for anyone wanting a change of scenery or someone who needs to get back on their feet. Anyway, check them out:

You can see all of the postings or add your companies own jobs for free by visiting

Be well!


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