New Houston Healthcare Job Board

Jun 07, 2021 1:46 pm


New Houston Healthcare Job Board

Attention healthcare employees and hiring managers, gather round I want to tell you about our brand new Houston healthcare job board that was launched last week...

Its called and this is a job board that focuses on medical, social service, and nonprofit jobs in the Houston area.

The job board can help you, the employee, if you are just starting your healthcare care career, considering a move to Houston, or you are an experienced healthcare professional who wants to reinvent their career. There are already plenty of jobs added to the job board that you can apply for right now.

Now, if you are a hiring manager this job board also has some features to help you as well...

Doing just a little research, I've seen how costly it is to recruit new employees. Because of that I've made it free for you to post your new healthcare job openings to our job board.

One other feature that should be mentioned is the "Interest List" feature. Even if you are not ready to hire, you can create a free Interest List posting where you collect the resumes of employees who are interested in your company.

Gathering community resources, I've noticed a number of companies who do not have a way to collect resumes or advertise job openings. That is another reason I wanted to make a free option for job postings. Simply create a job posting, copy the link, and email or share it via social media and you can begin to gather new resumes for your healthcare job openings.

Again if you are an employee, you can visit to learn about new job opportunities.

If you are a hiring manager, you can either visit the website and add your job, or simply email me any links that you have for job openings and I will manually add your job opening to the job board.

Have a great week!


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