Felony Friendly Companies Houston

Aug 24, 2021 2:06 pm


Where To Find Felony Friendly Companies In Houston

Recently there has been lots of talk about something called the "Great Resignation" in the news...

Essentially people are quitting their current jobs to pursue other life interests. While I wouldn't advise that anyone quit their job without a solid backup plan, to each their own.

That being said...

If you have a criminal record now is the perfect time to starting looking for employment.

With the current trend of people quitting their jobs and employers expressing difficulties in finding staff to fill their open positions, individuals with felonies should take advantage and apply for these open jobs. You can potentially land a job or a better-paying position since hiring managers are having such a difficult time simply getting people to interview.

The past month we've been working on a project to help people with criminal records find felony-friendly employers in Houston. 2nd Chance Jobs Houston is a collection of Houston employers who have a history of hiring individuals with felonies.

In addition, we'll be adding resources that specifically help individuals with criminal records to get back on their feet and lessen the likelihood of them returning to jail or prison.

Again you can visit 2ndChanceJobsHouston.com to see all the employers and resources that are currently listed.

How To Find Someone Who Is Incarcerated In Texas

If you ever need to find a family member, friend, or client who is in a Texas prison or jail, the process is simple.

  1. You can use their last name and first initial
  2. TDCJ Number
  3. State ID number or SID number

In this week's community resources titled Texas Inmate Search: How To Find Someone Who Is Incarcerated, you'll find the step-by-step process of locating the jail/prison and information needed to contact that individual.

Houston Healthcare Jobs Updates

Here is a quick rundown of healthcare and nonprofit opportunities that were added to the job board this past week:

You can find even more positions at HoustonHealthcareJobs.com or add a job listing for free if you are seeking qualified candidates.

Be easy!



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