Houston Community Land Trusts (Affordable Housing Option)

Aug 09, 2021 1:36 pm


Houston Community Land Trusts (Affordable Housing Option) 

In this week's community resource you will find information about a unique housing program called community land trusts.

Community land trusts are great options for low-income families who want to own their own home, but may have trouble coming up with a down payment or they have been priced out of the housing market.

Essentially what happens is a non-profit or housing department will either purchase a new home or renovate an older home. The non-profit retains ownership of the land underneath the home, but agrees to sell the home to a low-income family. Because the family is only purchasing the home (and not the land) this drastically reduces the cost of a home making it accessible to families with lower incomes.

The family can live in the home as long as they like (even transfer to a family member with some limitations), but if they wish to sell it their is a certain price that they cannot list the house above. This is done to ensure the home will always be affordable for future families seeking housing.

Houston has two non-profits who can provide you with more resources and even listings of current community land trust homes in the area. You can find more about this topic in the guide How Houston Community Land Trusts Work: Affordable Housing Options In Houston.

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