Free Government Phones + Internet

Nov 08, 2021 10:21 pm


How To Get Free Government Phones and Internet Service In Houston

This week's email is about connecting clients to free government phones and reduced internet service providers, but before I get to that here is a quick story that illustrates the need for these things...

My mom was coming home from running an errand one night (probably a thrift store knowing her) when she noticed our 16-year-old neighbor standing at the corner of our street.

She stopped the car and asked...

"Baby, what are you doing outside this late at night"?

The 16-year-old replied and stated that he was trying to get internet access to do his homework. Our house is located a few blocks from a truck stop, where my neighbor was trying to connect to the truck stop's Wifi to complete his homework assignment.

Long story short, my mom ended up purchasing a Wifi plan for my neighbor that she paid for until he graduated from high school. For whatever reason, his parents couldn't get internet for the household.

That was 5-7 years ago. Today that young man is doing really well. He's working in graphic design and drives a nice yellow Chevy Camero!

Not every teen is as driven as my neighbor. I seriously doubt I would've had the discipline to sit under a street light to do homework at that age, so really glad that everything worked out for him.

Anyway, if you or someone you know needs help with either getting a free government phone or reduced-cost internet, here are two options below:

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