Pivoting To Remote Job Opportunities

May 10, 2021 5:06 pm


Pivoting To Remote Job Opportunities

Restaurant owners are desperately seeking to fill vacant positions however they are having a difficult time doing this.

Multiple news stories have aired stories where restaurant owners were willing to provide as much as a $250 hiring bonus to anyone willing to work in their establishments. Despite the incentives, employees aren't returning.

An Eater article titled "Hostility, Harassment, and Low Wages Are Keeping Many Restaurant Workers Home" details some of the reasons why workers may be hesitant to return to these jobs.

  • They earned 50-70% less in tips when they did return during the pandemic.
  • They fear they may be exposed to COVID 19 in the workplace.
  • Restaurant workers were not initially prioritized for vaccines, despite working with the public.
  • When they did ask customers to practice social distancing rules, 60% of workers stated they were tipped less. 73% of black workers reported receiving less when asking customers to social distance.

Speaking with many clients during the pandemic I've heard similar stories. To the concerned clients who work in retail or restaurants, I've suggested looking at remote job opportunities, because they are plentiful right now.

One reason is that the customer service skills that they use to work directly with the public can be transferred to work from home opportunities. Essentially if you are a self-starter, a "people person", have a phone, internet connection, and a computer/laptop you qualify for many of the remote jobs...at least on paper.

In this week's community resource titled 3 Legit Websites To Find Reliable Remote Job Opportunities I list the 3 places, anyone should look first when trying to transition to a work-from-home job.



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