COVID 19 Housing Program For Those Impacted By Pandemic

Apr 05, 2021 1:16 pm


COVID 19 Housing Program For Those Impacted By Pandemic

The good folks at Coalition for the Homeless do an annual survey where they count the number of people who are homeless in Harris County and other surrounding areas.

This year they counted 3,055 unhoused people and of those people, 15% (roughly 460 people) stated that they were homeless due to COVID 19 whether it be a job loss or eviction.

Being homeless at any time is troubling, but even more so during a pandemic.

To make the housing situation even more difficult some judges are evicting tenants despite the CDC eviction ban during the pandemic. In our guide titled 3 Ways To Avoid Eviction If You Cannot Pay Rent, we offered up information on the CDC eviction ban and local legal aid agencies you can contact if you are facing eviction.

Another resource that you or your clients can turn to for help is the Community COVID Housing Program.

The Coalition for the Homeless created this program (in partnership with the City of Houston and Harris County) as a way to prevent families from being put out of their homes which ultimately limits the spread of COVID 19 in the area.

To apply for this COVID 19 housing program you will have to complete a housing assessment at a local nonprofit or homeless shelter.

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