Free Legal Advice In Houston

Apr 19, 2021 1:21 pm


Free Legal Advice In Houston

Laws, rules, and regulations during this pandemic seem to change more often than Texas weather.

One area of law that is leaving many confused is the moratorium on evictions.

Are people protected from evictions or not?

In March the government extended the CDC ban on evictions until the end of June 2021...

Despite that extension, there are still judges in Harris County who are evicting tenants.

According to some articles that I've read judges can essentially run their court however they choose. This makes it a coin flip for some in regards to whether or not they may be evicted, despite the ban being extended.

One way to increase your chances of avoiding eviction is to know your tenant's rights and have a lawyer represent you in court. Some reports state that only about 4% of renters who are facing eviction have a lawyer.

If you need options for you or a client on places to find help understanding tenant rights our guide title Free Legal Advice In Houston: Low Income Lawyers To Help You With Legal Issues has plenty of resources.

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