You are brilliant.

We need you.

I'm inviting

Stand in your Brilliance

It's time to come together to surpass limits.

It's time to live out more of your deepest longings.

It's time to drop further into your own truth.

Imagine feeling more engaged with life and more inspired. Or maybe you want more confidence or more pleasure or spaciousness in your life. Whatever it is, imagine waking up feeling more optimistic, capable and alive! Imagine waking with assurance that what you want is here for you now.

Imagine feeling super, super grateful that you made this commitment to yourself because it changed you in all the ways you needed.

Let's do this my friend.

5 Days 5 Modules 5 Steps

A spiral path to transformation

A simple, direct yet circular inward path to the re-creation and remembrance of the wishes of your heart.

This is a path that trains you and frees you to drop into alignment with your dreams.

This 5 day intensive is happening NOW. 

What change do you want planted firmly in your life by 2023?

Do you want this change in your life now?

JUMP and JOIN Oct. 3-Oct 7th,2022

The commitment:

Live option

Oct. 3-7th, 2022

12pm-2pm PST

Recorded option

Oct. 3-7th, 2022

3pm PST receive the day's webinar

Minimum 10 min./day action for 6 weeks

Week 6 Live follow-up

Monday Nov. 14th

12-2pm PST

18hrs. Total Training hours

$888 + tax

**For this Beta course only** 


2022 only NO TAX- an additional savings of $23

Who I am

Even as a child I was on a seeking path. I wanted to understand God and suffering. By age 10, I was focused; questioning and observing constantly. Driven by this curiosity, I grew into a young woman consumed and determined to find answers. Psychology was the start. World religions and healing practices were next. I spent decades healing and experimenting while working as a somatic therapist and and teaching yoga and meditation. All this was a preparation. With this history and training, I was afforded a unique position from which to examine the causes and effects of a cancer diagnosis and treatments. 

Turns out it has all been a blessing.  

Though I have experienced many ‘dark nights of the soul’ in my life, facing one of the most feared illnesses of our time has unearthed a power, vulnerability and faith beyond my wildest imaginings.  

Now out the other side, having conquered the fear of living and dying, I have conquered every piece of suffering that plagued my heart and body.

This course is one of the results of the years of investigation. I always longed for this world to be a place of celebration while at the same time researching how I could help myself and others shift out of stuck places as fast as possible.

This course is my share of a brief and highly effective spiral path that moves you directly to what you want.. 

Join me.  

Stand with me.

You are brilliant,


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