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Don’t risk losing your crypto and other valuable assets

Some of the most valuable things we have are stored digitally, either locally on a hard drive or on the cloud. This includes things as mundane as our email and text messages, as personal as family photos and correspondence with loved ones, and as financially important as bank information and cryptocurrency wallets.

What happens if you lose one or more of your crucial passwords? What if something happened, and your loved ones needed to access your assets without you? Would they know how to find/access cryptocurrency hardware or software wallets? How will you make sure your digital assets don’t disappear forever? 

Nobody wants to think about it, but what if you got hit by a bus one day?

The best case scenarios is your loved ones spending dozens of hours spent proving ownership and gaining legal access to locked accounts. The worst case (and one that is not uncommon with cryptocurrency and NFTs) is that some things will be lost forever.

Let Beyond Vault help you.

Beyond Vault will provide you with the essential backup you need to stay secure and rest easy. Our templates will help you organize some of your most important digital keys and assets in a physical format that is untraceable, unhackable, and secure.

We will store your materials in two different offline locations that are both secure and low-profile.

If you need to access your materials, just get in touch with us. We’ll confirm your identity and make arrangements to send it to you.

Setup triggers that will create certain situations whereby we will send your materials to designated proxies.

Tell me more about Triggers

Everybody dies. Not many people like to think about it - although some do.

I hate to be the one to bring this to your attention, but unfortunately there’s no better solution than facing it head on. You don’t want to put your loved ones in a situation where they are scrambling to access your stuff.

Triggers are simple but powerful rules that tell us you want your information shared with someone else you have designated as a beneficiary.

Example Triggers:

  • Send me monthly emails to confirm all is well. If I miss 3 emails in a row, text and call me. If you can’t get through to me after that, contact my brother Jim and provide him access to my account.
  • If Barbara B. contacts Beyond Vault and confirms her identity, and tells you that I am incapacitated, contact me via phone, text and email for two weeks. If I don’t reply after two weeks, provide Barbara with access to my account.
  • If my lawyer contacts you with a death certificate (man this got grim!) provide my daughter Connie with access to my account.

You create your own trigger. We have templates we recommend using, but it’s completely up to you. If you have an idea for a complex or creative trigger, we’ll do everything we can to make it work.

Post-Trigger Support

If one of your triggers is activated, we don’t just send an email and make it your loved one’s problem. Depending on the circumstances, they may have a lot on their hands. We will be in touch with them over email and phone, and will offer an orientation call to explain the Beyond Vault service and what they now have access to.

They will have access to 1 hour of complimentary tech support if there is something in your backed-up materials they don’t understand (like a master password for a password manager, or part of a crypto wallet seed phrase.)

If they need more than an hour of support, we offer paid hourly support and will also gladly refer them to other tech support services.

Key Features: 

Personal Onboarding: After submitting an initial written assessment, you will have a 1:1 onboarding call with a security specialist to identify your specific needs, and tailor a plan that will work for you. 

Human Verification: A human will always check in before confirming a triggered switch - we will never automatically transfer your valuable information without human verification and involvement. First round triggers can be automatic but final confirmation is always done personally. 

Customized Triggers: You choose the medium, frequency, and sensitivity of the triggers. Build a system that works for you, minimizing friction and maximizing reassurance. 

Cryptocurrency and NFTs: You have multiple options for backing up your digital assets, including fragmented seed phrases, multi-sig authorization keys, mapping instructions, and more. 

Other Valuable Information: You can store safe combinations, master passwords, final wishes, letters to loved ones, smart phone passcodes, lists of important contacts, treasure maps, and more. 

Loved One Support: We will support your beneficiary with a free 1-hour consultation to assist in any way we can to understand what is being shared and navigate any technical challenges they may face. 

Other Features: 

  • Redundant offsite, offline storage – your information is not stored digitally! 
  • Secure shipping, tamper evident packaging, anonymity firewall. 
  • Video onboarding call for all new customers. 
  • Free annual checkup to update stored materials
  • Forever Pricing: your annual fee will never go up, even if our price for new customers does. 
  • Cancel anytime. Your information is yours. If you cancel the service, materials will be returned or destroyed, per your request. 
  • Family owned and operated business. 

Annual Fee: $249. $999

Your annual fee will never go up, even if our price for new customers does. 

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