Forgotten Exodus Podcast, First Modern Hebrew Poetess, and Emilia's Shakespearean Mysteries

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🎙️“New podcast spotlights the exodus stories of Middle Eastern Jews

By Matthew Koessler, eJP


David Dangoor (ASF’s President), André Aciman (ASF Pomegranate Lifetime Achievement Awardee), Oded Halahmy (ASF Board Member, Iraqi-Jewish artist, & sculptor of the Pomegranate Awards), Jason Guberman (ASF’s Executive Director) 24th NY Sephardic Jewish Film Festival, Opening Night Moise Safra Center, NYC, 3 April 2022

(Photo courtesy of Zakaria Siraj)

“[T]he little-known plight of some of the 800,000 Jews who were forced out of… long-thriving communities in Middle Eastern capitals such as Cairo, Baghdad and Sana’a shortly before and after Israel’s creation, are part of a new limited podcast series by American Jewish Committee titled ‘The Forgotten Exodus.’” According to podcast host, Manya Brachear Pashman, the series focuses on six accomplished writers and athletes, such as André Aciman and Shahar Tzubari because “I wanted to illustrate that these people are making contributions to art, culture, diplomacy and athletics, among many fields… They yielded these wonderful contributions to society.”

Feature: Meet the First Modern Hebrew Poetess, Rachel Luzzatto Morpurgo 📜🖋


Ive looked to the north, south, east, and west:

a womans word in each is lighter than dust.

years hence, will anyone really remember


her name, in city or province, any more

than a dead dog. Ask: the people are sure:

a womans wisdom is only in spinning wool.


On Hearing She Had Been Praised in the Journals by Rachel Luzzatto Morpurgo; tr. Peter Cole

The American Sephardi Federations Institute for Jewish Experience introduces you to the life and poetry of the first modern Hebrew poetess, the daughter of a famous literary-rabbinic family that, in the best Italian tradition, balanced deep piety with wide erudition, Rachel Luzzatto Morpurgo.

🎭“Who was Emilia Bassano?” 

By The Australian Jewish News


Portrait miniature of an Unknown Woman, possibly Emilia Lanier Bassano, by Nicholas Hilliard,1590

(Scan courtesy of Wikimedia)

The directors of I am Emilia Bassano, a play soon to be staged in Melbourne, Australia, believe that Emilia Bassano (Lanyer), the famous English poet, “was a marrano (i.e., a Crypto-Jew) whose life was deeply entwined with the life of William Shakespeare. The play explores “why there are 15 characters in Shakespeare plays that have some form of her name, Emilia Baptista Bassano. And is it really a coincidence “that All’s Well that Ends Well mirrors Bassano’s life, almost to a tee?



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Amallel Shir: Yemenite Poems Anthology

Edited by Professor Yosef Tobi and Shalom Seri

Amallel Shir is an annotated anthology of Yemenite poetry, featuring poems (songs) for Shabbat, holidays, weddings, and other events. The poems are in Hebrew and Yemenite Judeo-Arabic.

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From Generation to Generation: a Legacy of Faith and Tolerance

By David S. Malka 

From Generation to Generation: a Legacy of Faith and Tolerance is dedicated to the memory of Rabbi Shlomo Malka. It honors his memory as a Jewish scholar, a spiritual leader, and a great humanitarian.

David S. Malka is publishing this text as his personal contribution to legacy of Malka family, in the hope that this generation will re-discover their patriarch's teaching and advance his message of faith and compassion on to the next generation. 

From Generation to Generation: a Legacy of Faith and Tolerance is a message of love, tolerance, and pride in one's heritage.

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