Instagram LogoKia Ora, Tēna Koutou ~ Grace and Aroha ~ From the heart of our small organisation we thank all of you who are here with us to Welcome the Wananga of Love back into the world of Light. Kept safe in silence this 'Place of re-membering' is being brought out of the shadows to shine Her light of Love into the world of Man to illuminate, unveil and expose the for long hidden eternal truths about Life, our Human innate connection to Life and our divine covenant that is to be renewed for all of Life. ~ Ancient Trinity School of Love Returning ~ Through the trinity of Syntropy, Self Souvereignty and Self Love we are bringing forth the lost yet innate knowings of our Human Nature and through that our collective responsibility as the children of Papatuanuku to restore again Peace within. May we give rise together to a wave of remembrance that will spread like a wildfire through the Hearts and Minds of all our brothers and sisters and foremost our very own selves as that is where this School, this Place of Learning is speaking to. ~Welcoming the ushering in ~ Our small initiating team has been hearing the calling for the Wananga of Love to be shared again, freely, open for all to have open access to the beautiful life honoring, self souvereignty restoring deep teachings on Love and Peace. We walk our mandate in Grace and are sharing the calling outward thus causing the first ripples over the Waters. We ask of you to usher your whispers of support, encouragement and acknowledgement over your Waters as the time has come where we once again are to be joining hands and gently walk this, our collective Wananga of Love back into Life. ~Connect in and Join us~ If you feel attracted to hear more, receive more, explore more we have started a public Facebook Group and have uploaded our intentions through our Wananga of Love Patreon page. we have also uploaded various basic videos on our Youtube channel explaining in more depth the scope of what we are bringing through. Blessings, Oneness and Gratitude. Sjoerd Aardema, carrier for Para Pachamama ~ Spirit of Earth carrier for the Wananga of Love
Instagram LogoIf we want to live in culture that is healed, that honors Life, we must first re-member to honor Her and this work, the Yoniverse Masterclass is by far the most advanced personal restoring avenue that is available to you to re-member, to come Home, to be welcomed in, to finally be met as an equal by Her. She wants you to know, She desires you to explore her Yoniverse as it is our collective key to restoring Deep Love from within together. I give praise and deep gratitude to the She's that walk this work of Deep Love remembering back into our collective culture. If you ever wished to restore your own inner connection to the divine feminine and finally release and let go of all your held on fears and the "not knowing" PLEASE for the Love of Life, your younglings, your partner, your lover, but deeply for your very own Souvereign Self, TAKE THIS invitation and allow yourself to become restored in natural equilibrium with Her in You. our collective healing and restoring of our traumas are awakened when we dare to return to Her Yoniverse, humbly to be met with what we innately always desired, wanted and hoped one day would be possible for us to return to. I vow my everlasting support to the Women that walk this journey and work of real Love restoring back onto this our Earth. Kia Kaha, Kia Mia, Kia Manawanui: Be Strong, Be steadfast, Be Willing You are Called in... Tell and Tag your fellow brothers and sisters so more men and women are reached for the purpose of showing that She is Arising from a place of Deep Love to return all that was broken back into equilibrium.
Instagram LogoHow does She do the work on her hidden internally unresolved with Men, with the world of Man, the patriarchy, the matrix, the artificial world of time and money? So she can become free of her patterned behavior of the past where she was repeating the same stories through many different relationships. What was She, that little girl, really looking for by causing the attraction to connect with yet another He? it is so relevant for all humans to remember how our internal landscape of the psyche, feelings and emotions is always with purpose performing a function to assist the Self to heal aspects of the past so we can re-member and re-integrate that disfragmented aspect of self back into the present self that is you as a grown up She full of Love for Life. Through this awareness that your body is reacting emotionally for and in support of you, we can feel assured that any and all not nice feeling feelings are only ever emerging so to call on you to meet them, to feel them, to question what that feeling and that part of you is actually really trying to ex-press. When we learn to stop judging, blaming, avoiding or coping with these real feelings that are really felt and instead return to a gentle self enquiry within as to what is being felt and what is being communicated through these feelings, then we can swiftly come into awareness what memory is associated with this feeling, which most times is actually tied to trauma. Breaking it apart, Illuminating the core 5 Traumas and Death - opening the roadmap to self healing There are only 5 Primary imprinting traumas that almost all humans in the western cult are imparted with and so it is actually quite “easy” to discover which trauma is really being triggered in the reflection of his or her behavior in you. 1 - Almost all of us have been Prematurely Separated from Love, from the wombspace, from our placenta or from our Mother and so Deep Love being reflected can trigger profoundly this deep sealed and stored away trauma of our infancy. Fear of ending relationships or “ending love” are all messages from our body that can take us to this place inside of us. Birth trauma is relatively easy to trace as it has everythin