Women are lost for explenations… What is really going on? What is really at stake?You may have seen this clip: This recording is to give you understanding what is going on, how it is happening, w...

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May 07, 2021
New email address + my coming out 🙊🎉

Hey everyone,I want to reveal that I have been hiding something from most of you. 🙊😱 I have started a Brave New Life for myself by creating an active online community centered around feeling-based relating, authentic open sharing, and connection form...

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Mar 19, 2021
Comprehending the Heroes Journey - MOVIE Watching

Hey beauty full,This weekend I am wanting to share with you on my comprehensions of the Timeless Tale of the heroes journey, the archetypal nature of human consciousness and the making use of the function of the archetypal narratives around us for th...

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Jan 21, 2021