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Oct 07, 2022 3:57 pm

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I've just finished watching Little Fires Everywhere which was a blockbuster bestselling book first written by Celeste Ng. This is a women's fiction piece where neither of the two leading female roles were likable in my opinion. I honestly wanted to strangle both of them most of the time. But at the same time, they were two of the most interesting characters I've experienced. There were characteristics in both women that were uncomfortably relatable, like a glimpse into a mirror image from your peripheral vision. Blurry, distorted and hard to recognize, yet eerily familiar. Unlikable isn't always bad when the result is thought provoking. I'll take an unlikable interesting character over a likable average one any day.


Not everyone likes all of my characters eithers. Take the Unmatched Trilogy. Some say Oleg is weak because he has self-worth issues hidden beneath all that rigid composure and alpha swagger. Others have said Samantha is a spoiled rich girl...which she is, but without her background and safety-net she'd probably have been dead or in jail by her 18th birthday. People say Henri is snide and an all around bastard, but he's saved his tender parts for the one person who can handle him. There couldn't be a colder, more off-putting personality than Ivan to begin with. Paolo... well... I'll admit he's kind of an angel. No one's ever said one bad word about Paolo.


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