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Ready for more Jack Story?

Yeah, he's fun right?

I have a rule, well, it's more of a guideline, really. But Rule #1 for writing Jack's dialog is what's the rudest thing he could say that won't get his ass kicked but takes him right up to that line?

Whatever that is, that's what I write. 'Cause that's how he rolls.

But are you ready to read more Jack Story?

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What's A Bullet for Valentine about?

So what's the deal with my newsletter?

1) I only send 1 a month.

No, for real. I send 1 email out a month. Usually on a Thursday. Right around the middle of the month.


Because I hate endless newsletters too.

You don't need to hear from me every week.

But, when you do hear from me, I promise you this- I'm gonna bring it.

Just about every newsletter I will have links to giveaways. I'll have links to 99 cent sales. I'll have box set freebies. I will strive to always bring you something of value when I email you.

So let's do this already.

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