Step Inside My Miniature World

Miniature Making has changed my life, which I am aware sounds dramatic, but if a girl can't have a bit of drama in her own miniature world, then where can she?

I've also been surprised by how many of you love this strange miniature world I have created as much as I do, so I thought why not invite you in and open the door!

So here I am, standing in the hallway opening the creaky wooden door and beckoning you inside the spiderweb adorned hallway.

There will be virtual tea, tales, ghostly going ons and lots of hiding behind the sofa. And while we are sitting in the dark wondering where that noise is coming from, we will chat about life, creativity, stories and tiny things. Anything to take our mind off the scratching coming from inside the walls.

Do you take your tea with sugar?

See you in your inbox.

From Bee With Love xxx

P.S. If you are on this list you will automatically be entered into the draw to win one of my miniature book nooks.

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