Updates to MTI Back Office

Dec 08, 2020 9:18 am

Good morning ,

I wanted to let you know that MTI have been upgrading their back office over the weekend and some of yesterday.

The whole MTI operations has been moved to a new server.

The fact the site was down for nearly three days means everyone is trying to log in simultaneously, hence why people are having issues today.

MTI now have 260,000 members in 202 countries & counting..! This growth has been RAPID!

In short, they're experiencing growing pains, along with regulators making it difficult.

If you're trying to access the site, it's slow at best & inoperable at worst.

Just give it time please.

Following a three day absence, everyone is trying to catch up at once.

Once you do get in, make sure everything is as it should be.

For my part, my trading pool balance was lower than previously.


A quick check in my income wallet showed me the transfer I had made on Saturday had been reversed.

Problem solved!

Patience is key here.

I've seen this with other opportunities I'm in so it's nothing new to me, nor out of the ordinary.

These things happen but always settle down again.

Here is a link from the CEO, if you haven't yet seen it. https://www.mtimembers.com/uploads/1/2/6/8/126856166/from_the_desk_of_the_ceo_final.pdf

He outlines some of the issues, gives an apology & offers reassurance.

If I hear anymore I'll let you know, however, the upshot is, the back office is slow, but fully functioning right now. It may take a few attempts to login or carry out a task, but keep plugging away.

Kind regards