MTI News

Nov 10, 2020 11:00 am

Good morning ,

Lots going on in MTI. Let me update you one what I know about glitches in the back office, security, what's coming and last weeks trading results...

Let's start with the results: We're up 0.4% on last week which is great!


One of the things I do like about MTI is their consistency. They get good and bad weeks, but it does tend to average out at around 0.4 - 0.5% a day (in member profits), which is fantastic.

Do beware other similar trading platforms that offer high returns. I became a cropper this week, trying out another platform called Carrera, promising 2.3% daily return, and it seems people are unable to get their money out. Please rest assured I will not recommend anything that I haven't used personally with success.

I like the transparency of MTI, and I have withdrawn more money than I have invested. MTI have come under fire in the press, but unfortunately they only every share half the story. The truth is the financial regulators don't like these systems because are outside of "the system".

A few weeks back there was a report that MTI had their laptops seized by the authorities, this was absolutely true, however, the press never follow up to tell you that all equipment was returned and there were no charges pressed. MTI fully co-operated and were completely transparent. If you would like to see their response on a webinar, please watch from minute 46 on this webinar.

Here is the password for it: 5@jN@7bQ

OK moving on. Last week there were some glitches in the back office. I noticed on Wednesday that we couldn't view our team data and it seems that new team members placed in that time period didn't end up in the right place. Support are aware, and I believe there was a little back log. If this happened to any of your new members, please get a support ticket in so they can rectify the error.

There have been security updates last week, and now you must have your 2FA activated in order to make a withdrawal. It is essential that you do this for the security of your account, and help prevent hackers. Here is a video with guidance on how to do that if you haven't yet.

I have learned that there is more maintenance happening this morning, so you may not be able to access your back office at the moment.

On a corporate webinar a couple of weeks back, it was announced that MTI will be introducing KYC (Know Your Customer) and at some point in the near future you will be required to upload ID documents.

They also announced that they will be adding Ethereum and Monero to their trading portfolio. I'm sure most of you are aware of Ethereum, and Monero is a very exciting relatively new crypto (also recommended by the Jeff Berwick - The Dollar Vigilante) that boasts it is completely private and untraceable. Here is their official page. From what I have heard it's worth getting some and holding - please note I'm no crypto expert - but this is what the experts say. Please do your own research before you make any decisions.

Just in, here is an important message from MTI:

Urgent notice and scam alert. 


It has come to our attention that other "companies" are using MTIs name to sell a coin offering. 

The official sites for MTI is as follows;

Please do not consider ANY other site as officially linked to MTI.

MTI support will also never reach out spontaneously to you as a member. Do not disclose your personal information or passwords to anyone.

Make sure you have a good password on your back office and that your password to your email is different and secure. 

Online security is important. Should you need any help chat to your upline, check the resource portal, speak to a leader or email support. 

I think that's everything :)

Have a great week.


PS: I have put together some training for MTI - please feel free to share this with any new members.