MTI Updates W/C 16 Nov 20

Nov 16, 2020 12:46 pm

I hope you had a great week ,

In today's newsletter, we will be looking at the weeks trading results, the rise of BTC, and generic marketing sales pages I have put together for you to use to help you share MTI with people.

Firstly, not such an amazing week trading for MTI, but this has been offset with BitCoin's amazing growth. I am never phased by poor week of trading as it usually bounces back the following week. For me it shows me that MTI are the real deal and a gain is still a gain (And still far better than you would see with any bank) - so happy days!


BitCoin is on a bull run at the moment, currently sitting around $16,000+ having risen almost $1000 just this week. With the economic uncertainty, people are putting their money into crypto. It says something when they would rather take their chances with something considered so volatile than with the banks.

I've heard experts estimate that BitCoin is expected to reach anywhere between $100,000 to $1,000,000 a coin in the next few years.

Now I know BitCoin rose sharply this back in the winter of 2017 and in the new year it tumbled back down to around the 7K mark but eventually settled at around 10K.

It's the belief of the experts that this will not happen this time around and that BitCoin will continue to rise.

In this article, the author believes we could see 6 figures by the end of 2021!

With this sort of information, I think you can really help people to understand why they don't just want to hold BitCoin, but the smart choice is to grow it daily!

To help you to convey MTI's message, I have put together 2 generic sales pages at the request of members.

This first page is me talking about the opportunity, with no mention of MTI.

This second page is MTI's own promotional video's put into a single page.

Please feel free to share these with your teams. I am always willing to receive feedback so that I can improve these for you, and I will assist in anyway I can. I am never offended with constructive criticism.

MTI, have been making continual updates to their back office. Please be aware that you MUST have your 2FA set up in order to make deposits or withdrawals. This is for the safety of your MTI account making it a lot more difficult for hackers.

That's all for this issue.

Have a fantastic week,

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