Make meditation easy

Feb 26, 2020 11:23 am

Everything you've done up until now: tuning in to your energy and creating space for inspiration, has been a beautiful preparation for allowing something new to be incorporated into your days.

After being trapped in the low frequency of emotional, mental and digital distractions, it's time to cultivate the high vibrational habits of mindfulness and meditation.

Many think of meditation as a practice where you have to sit in silence for 20 minutes or more. But nothing could be further from the truth. It can be as easy and simple as stopping and focusing on your breath.

By taking a few deep belly breaths, the body also begins to relax. In just a short amount of time, you are able to completely change your state of mind and emotions.

This is truly magical!

In the Vibration of Business Group (Join here if you are not yet a member), we post regular reminders to slow down and practice these moments of stillness. Eventually, you will remember to do them yourself, and you will have a deep sense of honouring yourself as you give yourself this time to be at peace.

If you are busy, but you would like to bring a more dedicated mediation practise into your day - there are audio tools that speed up the meditation process. In fact one of my favourite freebies is an audio called Zen12.

Zen12 gives you a full hour's worth of deep meditation, all in just 12 minutes. It uses "brainwave sounds", and it's genuinely unlike anything you've experienced before.

Personally, I love this audio it is deeply relaxing and it really does seem to silence the chatter in your mind. (Get your free copy here - and let me know what you think.)

Incorporating these practices into your days will begin to set you free from everything that plagues you. The more you practice these moments of stillness, the faster you will be able to change your state of mind, the more easily you will raise your vibration, and the more freedom, joy, peace, love and wisdom you will experience.

Much love

Karen xx


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