MTI Updates W/C 23rd Nov

Nov 23, 2020 3:48 pm

Good afternoon ,

What an exciting week it's been watching the rise and rise of BitCoin (it has increased circa $2000 dollars in 7 days), it's been a good week of trading too!


I have certainly enjoyed watching the dollar amount increase in my back office, with the increase in BitCoin, Trading profits, binary and leadership bonuses, I saw my dollar amount increase by more than $1200 (from approx $5700 to $6900) this week alone!

I'm not telling you this to brag, but to inspire. I started this business with a £100 ($130) investment! I did nothing for a few months as I wanted to watch and make sure it's a business of integrity before I recommend it on.

My BitCoin steadily increased and I was so impressed with MTI, I have recommended it ever since. I have now been in the business for 6 months, and I love it. It really does provide a wonderful financial solution in these uncertain times.

There's not a lot to report for MTI this week, but please do ensure that you have enabled your 2FA. This message was from MTI:

ALL MTI members MUST have 2FA enabled on their MTI Account.

It is now mandatory which is in the best interest of MTI and MTI Members. All BitCoin withdrawals, P2P Transfers & MTI Account Funding Deposits will NOT be processed on any MTI Account which does NOT have 2FA enabled.

Authy or Google Authenticator Apps can be used. Authy can be used on multiple devices and Google Authenticator can only be used on one.

Tutorial for Authy :

Tutorial for Google Authenticator :

I'm looking forward to another great week from MTI and I look forward to hearing some of your success stories as well.

Kind regards


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