You need to read this - your future self will thank you

Mar 05, 2020 11:24 am

It's unusual for me to talk about this in the full body of my email. But this is actually very serious right now, and I'm not referring to a pandemic.

While you are rightly taking action on keeping your immune system boosted, have you thought about your immunity to a financial disaster?

In the same way you take proactive steps to protect your health, did you know it's possible to protect your wealth?

While stocks and currencies are currently plummeting, do you know what remains stable and rising in value?


I wholeheartedly encourage you to google the value of gold over the last 50 years. You will see on average it doubles in value every 10 years. At the moment it is soaring because people are starting to wake up to the fact that it is the real money.

As our currencies buy less and less the value of gold keeps on rising. This is the true secret to legacy abundance that the wealthy don't tend to share.


Maybe you have heard it before, but it's more pertinent than ever right now.

I hold gold and I save gold, and I can do it in as little as £5.00 a time. (Although I choose to do more).

As you know I hate the doom and gloom rhetoric, but some things are inevitable - and as with our health we should also look after our wealth.

Let's face it, lack of money is probably the number one cause of stress in today's society (when there's not a pandemic on of course )

I just urge you to be proactive now!

Claiming your abundance is more than just making money, it is being aware of how to protect and multiply it.

I do love this business I am partnered with, because just to save gold is free and the gold bullion we sell in small increments is one of the most competitive on the market, making it possible for the masses to own gold.

As I said I don't talk about my businesses in the body of my emails often, but actually the information right here is pure value, because it will make a difference in your life - if like anything - you take action.

For more information that will help you to understand why owning gold is so important - go here.

I hope you do consider this seriously. I am so glad I did this, as I can see this is safer than houses!

Shared with love as always,

Karen x


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