Supporting yourself in times of adversity...

Mar 04, 2020 11:23 am

When we go through times of adversity personally or we are affected by global events, it's easy (and understandable) to become fearful and stressed.

It is at times like these we need to reduce the external influences that cause these states to a minimum and step away from all the fear driven media.

Fear is unhealthy on so many levels by engaging our stress hormones which ultimately suppress our immune system. And this is the one thing we want to keep strong.

Fear can also have us act irrationally - leading to behaviours which create more stress and the cycle continues.

So let's take back our power, return to our hearts and be the powerful energetic beings that we are.

The other night, I decided to send healing from my heart to anyone in the world that needed it, while I was in the process, I received a message, it felt like it was outside of me. It simply said "Play high vibrational music Frequency 528Hz". I knew I had to share this with people.

(528Hz is a deep healing frequency, and the love frequency - you can go to YouTube, SoundCloud and Apple or Amazon music and search 528Hz and you will find many tracks to choose from.)

The wonderful thing about this is that you just play these tracks and the magic is in the frequency. Your vibrational field will match this frequency without you doing anything. It will bring healing to your body and soul. I currently have a track quietly playing as background music.

I also send thanks and deep appreciation to the cells in my body daily, especially when I have dis-ease - because I know my cells primary objective is to be healthy.

Speak to Your cells. They can hear you. You are them and they are you. Every part of our being is energy. So when you send loving energy inwards you are supporting your true health. I simply say "thank you" over and over in deep appreciation for my health and vitality.

Take steps to support your immune system. Eat as healthily as possible, if it's a challenge, then I recommend you buy natural sources of Vitamin C.

A recent article has come out of China that an elderly lady who was in very poor health contracted the coronavirus and recovered. She put this down to just taking vitamin C while she was poorly.

Check out Amazon for freeze dried berry powders (blueberries are great!) Also Baobub powder is a very good source of Vit C. Both taste pleasant and you can add them to a smoothie, sprinkle over porridge etc.

Look after your gut health and take some good quality Probiotics - again, these will support your immune system.

And of course wash your hands regularly for 30 seconds minimum (but I'm sure that goes without saying)

Above all be compassionate with yourself and with others.

If you feel yourself becoming fearful, just be aware of it. Thank it, love it and release it. Then go and do something that puts you in a high vibration. Sing, move your body, cuddle a dog....

Much love

Karen xx

I find having a high vibrational community is extremely helpful in supporting us through these times - and you get that here. This program is low ticket and helps you to become the best version of yourself, alongside thousands of others - including me :) This really is your ticket to transform and make money in the highest vibration, because it just feels so good to share. <3


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