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May 10, 2022 7:18 pm


High-level livestreaming is the best way to build an online community that buys from you. AGK Media Studio brings you content creation, marketing and distribution tips, tools and a streamlined system to make it simple to stay consistent.

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If you are a consistent reader of our newsletter you’ve probably noticed that today’s email looks different than usual. We’ve been evaluating our software subscriptions and eliminating the monthly charges by replacing subscriptions with purchased apps that do the same functions. This email newsletter is brought to you from SendFox, an application created by AppSumo. 

We’ll be sharing our experiences with apps that we use at AGK Media Studio in the coming weeks on our show. 

Shelley will be traveling to visit her mom in Arizona starting Thursday night. She’ll be live with Toby on Wednesday and Jen on Thursday, but Toby will be alone on Saturday night. Don’t worry though, Shelley will be back for our live shows on Wednesday of next week.

Messages and Methods: 5 pm MDT Wednesday

Let's Talk Proposals! Why they're necessary, and available online resources

One of the best methods for increasing your revenue is to make more offers. Each offer made to prospective clients is better received and more likely to be accepted when it is sent as a clear and professional proposal. We found a great app to create beautiful digital proposals and it helped us gain a new client this week. 

This show is specifically for you, the consultant, coach, or entrepreneur who wants to quickly reach out to prospective clients with a simply splendid proposal to offer the exact solution they desire. Join us live at 5 pm MDT Wednesday, May 11.

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News & Views: Wednesday & Saturday 7 pm MDT

Join us Wednesday and Saturday for News & Views to explore the treasures of truth and trivia prize giveaways on the Messages and Methods YouTube channel. 

Wednesday, May 11 - News & Views: Real Talk About "The Deposition" and World and National News

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Saturday, May 14 - News & Views: Real Talk About "The Deposition" and World and National News

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Women Conquer Business Thursday 11 a.m. MDT

Last week we shared Content Marketing 101: the Art of Stopping the Scroll. Content marketing is one of the few things that can help a small business build a loyal following and generate leads. This episode covers the basics, including what content marketing is, why it’s important, and how to get started.

This week we will continue to explore how content marketing can help your business and some of the best ways to connect with prospective buyers through your content. 

Join us live Thursday at 11 am MDT/ 10 am PDT or download the podcast on Friday.

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News for the Content Entrepreneur

YouTube Updates

You can earn more with Super Thanks!

YouTube expanded Super Thanks to all YPP creators, so now you can create a new revenue stream while making genuine connections with fans. Learn more and see if you’re eligible to get started.

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You can contribute to Messages and Methods using the Super Thanks button on all our past videos. We’ll share your positive comments on our next live stream to say thanks back to you!

Set Channel Guidelines​

You can set rules for how you expect people to behave on your channel. So before someone can comment, they have to "accept" these rules. It's basically a heads up that if you're going to spew hate, your comment will be deleted and you may be sent to time out or banned. To find this go to Studio - Settings - Community - Channel Guidelines.

Q&A: Why YouTube focuses on the creator economy to drive viewership

Creators have fueled YouTube’s growth in recent years because no one really makes the distinction between “Am I watching broadcast, online video, or streaming video?” Instead, viewers watch what they care about in whatever format, says Brian Albert, Google’s managing director. 


"Marketing is not a real thing in podcasting." A mind-bending conversation with Magnificent Noise's Eric Nuzum

"Audience building is a real thing." The Magnificent Noise co-founder tells Lauren Passell that when revenue is the goal, too many creators have it backward. ‘Grow the audience’ > ‘increase revenue’ > ‘invest to improve the show’ simply doesn’t work.

"The wheel works by creating something that's more sticky and attractive to a larger group of people," Nuzum explains. "And then you grow that audience, then you're able to advertise somewhere and then you can reinvest." Publishers can’t market their way to a podcast people want to share.

This interview is in Passell’s excellent newsletter Podcast Marketing Magic. In her work and at her company Tink Media, marketing means the ‘real thing.’ Nuzum gives podcasters golden advice for meaningful engagement on social media and beyond: "You are creating a feedback loop with an audience."


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