Live Painting Session tomorrow, NFT Showroom, The Art Room visits...

Sep 30, 2021 8:38 pm

Beautiful Friend

How is your day? How is your free, co-creative Life?

Here are some links to what I'm up to recently! Thank you for your interest in my Art and Work!


NFT Showroom and video on Halo Of Thoughts

Here's my first venture into NFT - taken from a very special painting - Halo Of Thoughts, which was created during 2000-1 in Lemba, Cyprus - as I made the transition from an isolated existence in north-east Scotland, to a barefoot Mediterranean lifestyle amongst churches and mosaics...

I thought it'd be easier to make a video around this painting, to speak intimately about her - but actually written words seem more apt here.

The video is on LBRY here, and you can download it on Odysee here

The listing on NFT Showroom can be found here.

You can download my catalogue, which has Halo Of Thoughts in it, on my website.

This is probably the most pivotal painting in all my Life creating Art; she came out of this hazey figure in the gloaming, and she had this phase with all these figures swimming in and out of her head....


A longer post about the painting can be read via my Patreon.


Live Painting Session Online


Join me for another online Living Painting Session on Friday 1st October, at 1600 hours, Rome, Italy time. See this post for more info. A direct link to the session is here. You are warmly welcomed!

Blessings to you in your Sovereign Everymoment,