Art of Life podcast: How Do I KNOW What To Trust? And Sunday painting sessions - welcome all!

Nov 12, 2021 12:44 pm

How Do I KNOW What To Trust?

Hallo Beautiful Soul Friend!

Here’s a podcast around our collective ability to figure out what the hell this is that we’re Co-Creating!

This podcast is inspired by a heated discussion with my dad around the agenda against our health and happiness, where he frustratedly blurted out “Well who are we supposed to trust then? We have to trust someone!

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The short and simple answer, which I tried to get out then, is “Our Self!” – but of course the deep conditioning we all have into not going on our feeling about anything, our arguing our self down from sentience and our throwing ourselves under the influence of ‘logic’ and ‘norms’ – this leaves us very entangled and confused about what it is that we even feel, want, believe…

So this podcast speaks to how we untangle and how we find crystal clarity about precisely Who and What To Trust.

I hope it is of use and inspiration to you – do share if you can!


And we’ll be meeting most Sundays at 4 pm Rome time - starting this Sunday 14th November - to paint whilst delving deep into what’s happening in the world – and what we’re doing/ being about it!

To join our Living Painting Sessions and connect with others in open-heart-mind-spirit, click on this link to go to the meeting room – no need to sign up or anything, just come with colours and a surface to paint on!


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