Christmas stories and Live Painting Sessions for you - anche in Italiano...

Dec 11, 2021 3:38 pm


Beautiful friend,

This week I’m sharing something a little different: we’re organising an event in our wee cobbled streets of the medieval quarter – mostly based around traditional Christmas activities, stories, songs…

I was asked, along with the other foreigners in the community, to contribute something traditional from my culture. It took me a while to hum and haw over whether a yule log or shortbread would be more definitively Scottish – I did some research online, and got pretty irate with how my culture has been commodified, dumbed-down and had all the Life squeezed out of it.


Corrie Primary School, Isle of Arran, 1983

– my brothers and I in the most visibly handknitted jumpers :-D

So after a few days feeling into what would be the most enriching sharing I could contribute, I decided to tell stories from my childhood, in italiano. Reflecting on how I grew up, the riches of culture came from our immersion in Nature, from the warmth of community, from health and vitality – and from our collective joy.


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Here are the two podcasts I’ve published on my website: Once Upon A Time In Scotland and c'Era Una Volta In Scozia

You can listen too, over on Aureal and – and via various other platforms now, like Spotify and suchlike: just search for ‘The Art Of Life Clare’



We’re now doing weekly painting sessions as well as the first of the month ones: join us on my Jitsi Arthouse Studio HERE on Wednesday 15th December, at 10 am and/ or 5pm Rome, Italy time.

AND let me know if you are in a particular time zone that requires a different hour that I can accomodate: I plan to have more regular sessions, and to open them to a wider category of creative expansion – so don’t be shy!

Please note that I live in Gift, so please return the Gift of my hard-work and many hours of sharing, via Patreon, or the Gifting page of my website – profound gratitude to you!

Infinite Blessings on your midwinter, friend – may you be warm, and rich in all the beautiful necessities of Life!