Live Painting Session tomorrow, NFT Showroom, The Art Room visits...

Oct 25, 2021 4:37 pm


Dear Friend!

How is Life on Gaia-Sophia unfolding for you right now? I hope very much it is as blessed, gift-laden and full of joyous health as mine is...


...and if it isn't, I hope very much to cheer you here, by sharing colour, vitality and creativity from my past month:

Welcome to my museletter!

I've been merrily occupied preparing for the winter, which is descending in fits and starts on Guardia Sanframondi: colours rainbowing across the valley below us, nuts falling with clunks and cracks onto the street, cats and kitties snuggling sweetly together by the stove...


I've been harvesting nuts, fruits, herbs and leaves, chopping wood, making nut butter and wholesome meals - alongside my painting practise and co-creating and talking with others about the beautiful revelations and energetic openings happening on planet Earth...

You can always keep up with what I'm

doing on a more frequent basis

via my and Patreon.

If you'd like to join in deep, positive and panoramic conversations on what's unfolding, do join me on Signal also - just reply to this email with your Signal App number :-)


Here's also a podcast on moving out of mainstream and into Freedom

I'm particularly pleased to share this podcast with you, as it marks a happy time in finding increased sustenance and flourishment, and I love to share all that I'm benefiting from, so that others needn't suffer just because they don't fit into a conventional pigeon-hole.

It's my very first podcast on decentralised podcasting platform Aureal, also - which links up between and Hive: things are getting more and more connected and fruit-full!


I've been working on comprehending the decentralised and crypto-currency world, so please do reach out if you'd love to have a living chat around any aspect of this - I'm no expert, but am increasingly feeling that we learn more profoundly and practically by hearing others' real experiences, rather than having instructions dictated to us!

You're always welcome to ask - just click reply to this email.



We're living through an extraordinary time right now, where most of us will be challenged on multiple levels to find harmony in our Lives - or to comprehend a whole new panoramic view of things altogether!

On that note, I've just completed a refreshed Chapter Six of my Living In Gift transmission - click here to see it via the LivingInGift website. A lot of information has come to light in recent months, and a lot has been suppressed!

Overall, this final chapter of the LIG transmission aims to support an enriched worldview at this moment - particularly in relation to how we thrive holistically in our True Vitality, how we comprehend what is Right and what our Inalienable Rights are, and how some ideas around navigating our times with open heart-mind-spirit in order to hold space for the expansion of consciousness that is happening.




Extraordinary Paintings Gift-Fest

As I very occasionally do, this winter I'll be sending out personal invites to my most supportive long-term patrons, friends and folks who have Gifted me...

Offering them a choice of whichever painting they would love either to own or to Gift on to someone that they love.

If you're a long-term supporter of my work and I haven't contacted you yet, please do check my art book/ catalogue, then contact me directly, and let me know which painting you'd love!

I ask that patrons support the shipping costs, which are likely to be out-with my power of financial abundance. :-) I very much look forward to the right new home coming to each Art piece!



Live Online Painting Sessions

Join me for TWO online Living Painting Sessions on Monday 1st November; either/ or at 10am and at 4pm Rome, Italy time.

See this post for more info on how to prepare.

A direct link to the session on Jitsi is here - you shouldn't have to login - you should come directly into the session via the Jitsi link.

You are warmly welcomed to join us and paint freely and intuitively!

The sessions are Gifted to you and at the same time you are very welcome to support my work by Gifting me – see this page for how - your money and/ or crypto currency Gifts support me enormously both in subsisting and in sharing this work with you all. This month I need to pay car insurance and electricity, which are big bills in regards to my simple income!

NFT Showroom


These paintings are now tokenised on the blockchain and available to buy via the NFT Showroom

Halo Of Thoughts, Wise Woman Changing Her Landscape and Man Becomes Holy are there as one-off Non-Fungible Token, and Il Convento has a limited edition of 5 to purchase.

It's an exciting further step for me into the decentralised world - a beautiful marriage of autonomy and non-hierarchy... To me, it changes significantly how Art is going out into the world, and is a very different concept and outcome than e.g. selling the copyright to our Art or having a contract with a print-making company. I'm enthusiastic to see how NFT grows, as a lot of folks are investing and interested in both crypto-currency and in NFTs, which brings a whole new influence into how we value Art or reward Artists.


Co-creative consciousness is expanding rapidly!

Blessings to you in your Divinely-Creative Everymoment