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Aug 27, 2021 10:54 am


Beautiful Friend….

Life is Expanding and Activating! This month is saturated with Energy, Revelation, Love and apple juice at the Arthouse! Thanks to my Beauty-Full patrons, supporters and followers, I've been empowered to paint, invest in fruit for my incredible Norwalk juicer, and I've also made my first ever crypto-currency from my Hive.blog wallet into Bitcoin and then Euros - my first ever payment for Sharing on Hive!

I wrote a blog there about this transition into decentralised money, click here to read it - and I talk about it in the podcast here below, too: moving out of mainstream 'social' 'media' and into the decentralised world is similar to moving out of mainstream medicine and fully into supporting your body-mind-spirit to heal itself.

This is a Living Voice Sharing (podcast) around the role of Homeopathy in these times, just published on my website:


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I also wrote two blogs on my Hive profile @clareartista this week:

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"This has never been a more exciting time - in terms of Homeopathy and in terms of our Healing Our World. We have this Immense Opportunity to work together as One, as we're joined in dealing with 'one' major 'challenge'.

Homeopathy has never been more relevant, as a science that can bring myriad elements back into The Divine Harmony that is More Than The Sum Of The Parts: The Sacred Geometry of All Things Aligned, and All Relationships Corrected."

and here to read part two


"The whole Covid scenario is such a strong indicator of our Collective Psychosis, our Collective Immune System, Our Collective disempowered state in relation to our Real Health - and our bondage to systems that are taking much more from us than they're giving us.

Though the mainstream might be offering only terrorising snapshots of some aspects of the story, a Homeopathic and Natural - holistic and panoramic, long-term-historic, long-term-future - view gives us many indications that the current global 'crisis' is in fact a process of detoxification by the Human mind-body-spirit: the releasing of centuries of accumulated damage and distortion. There is much to be excited and happy about, at this time!"




Every 1st of the month, I open my Arthouse Studio via Jitsi online meeting space – check your local time via World Time Buddy here – we’ll meet for for between 1 and 3 hours, depending on how the session unfolds. Join me and others in co-creation. For more details on prepping for the session, see this post – or just turn up with colours and a surface to put them on; any kind of paint, pencil, pen or medium, and a good-sized solid surface.

You’re warmly welcomed: all levels of art experience – so long as you have the willingness to let go and to embrace the process of spontaneous unfolding!



Download my New Book Of Paintings by clicking here

“Real Art is a living, breathing presence; it has a life, an identity and a vitality all of its own, independent of its creator.”

Real Art also has an immunity to any projections onto it, and it serves to open, expand, and inform the Divine Intelligence Knowing Itself More Fully.

My Art is Gift to the Collective Conscious, and as such is in Sacred Service to our True Well-Being. Thus, my paintings are not ‘for sale’ in the conventional ‘contractual’ sense of the ‘commercial’ and ‘legal’ cold transaction.

My Artwork may be exchanged for a monetary gift, bartered with other items or services that I need, subscribed to/ paid for over time via my Patreon or other gifting platforms, arranged in a mutually-beneficial agreement of some kind that we create together, gifted via crypto currency, gold, silver, etc.

If you feel called by my Art, or would love a particular Artwork in your Life, I am open to Living Conversation around this – contact me as below.


Please Share this Blogcast and My Art, if you feel called to – and Do Support my work if you love it: see my Connect page for ways to Gift,

Blessings, Vibrant Health and Profound Peace To You,

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